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Hebei remediation fur leather excessive formaldehyde problem

Hebei remediation fur leather excessive formaldehyde problem


Recently, the quality supervision department in Hebei Province will focus on carrying out special rectification of the problem clothing. The remediation range includes infants and young children clothing, student equipment, down jackets, plush toys and other fiber products. Focus on the investigation and handling of substandard raw and auxiliary materials used in production, the illegal use of azo dyes, quality fraud and other illegal activities, and effectively solve the formaldehyde content, PH value, the dye harmful aromatic amine exceeded and color fastness problems, and down jacket down Content, the cashmere (wool) content of cashmere (wool) garments, the cotton fiber content of infants and children's garments, the excessive formaldehyde in fur garments, etc. do not meet the compulsory standards, which do not meet the express standard and shoddy problems.

The quality inspection of students 'equipment (including military training clothes) has also become the focus of this inspection, failing to meet safety standards, substandard identification and substandard shoddy problems, promoting the quality evaluation of students' production enterprises and earnestly protecting the quality of primary and secondary students Legal rights and interests. Plush toys, focusing on checking whether the filler fully meet the standard requirements, to prevent the "black heart doll" problem rebound.

Based on the thorough investigation, Hebei Province will conduct supervision and inspection on key products, key enterprises and key areas based on safety and major quality indicators. The inspection coverage will reach 100%. On the existing key quality problems, enterprise quality control system defects, targeted to be resolved.

During the special rectification period, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province will arrange supervision and spot checks of apparel products twice. The scope of spot checks covers the products and apparel imported from the districts and counties producing clothing specialty industries, and mainly checks the safety performance of the products.

In order to strengthen the supervision of apparel, all-quality supervision system will step up inspections, improve the construction of enterprise laboratories and staffing of inspection staffs, and require enterprises to meet the testing requirements of routine projects and establish and improve the system of quality control of raw materials for textile and apparel imports, production and processing, and factory sales . Quality raw materials inspection certificate (original), quality inspection certificate does not include azo, formaldehyde, PH value, color fastness and other safety performance indicators, there is no quality inspection certificate, the product shall not be sold at the factory.
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